If you found a million dollars what would you do
December 19, 2016
weight lose
people losing weight gives up results show
January 25, 2017

why drive for uber

drive uber

I’m speaking from experience. I never thought I would be the guy picking people up and dropping them off places. But when I heard of the idea I thought it would be a great way to make extra money in my spare time. So I signed up and got on board with it. Lucky me I started during this year’s world series and it was amazing.

I can’t even tell you how many different people I met and how much extra cash I made. Well at the time it was extra cash because I was also working a full time job at this factory. But anyway it was such a great flexible schedule and I could work any hours stop when I want to and best of all be my own boss. That was key for me no boss no one telling me hey do this do that it was just me and my navi for those who don’t know navi is short for (navigation system).

So as I was saying u can make money have fun and meet fun people and have a different life experience each and every day. I highly recommend it for someone looking to make some extra cash. Leave a comment in the box let everybody know what you think or your experience.

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