If you found a million dollars what would you do

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December 19, 2016
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why drive for uber
December 29, 2016

If you found a million dollars what would you do


If you found a million dollars.Yes I know everyone will love this a million dollars yours and nobody else knows but you that would be the day. Lets face it how many people come across this in a life time Im betting not many but if you did what would you do.

Would you report it to the police lol lol. Just kidding that was a joke no for real some people mite and for those you are a great person for that. On the other hand some people would just take it and run and act like nothing every happen. Then there is the people that would go out and go on shopping sprees. And buy everything they ever wanted.




I would personally just hold on to it to see if anything comes up in the news or see if anyone else claims it before I spend a dime on anything. But of course it would be very tempting to just go spend a couple thousand dollars on things I really need or like. Well im pretty sure a lot of us have different things we would do so let us know write something in comment box let us know.

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