What Experts Are Saying About Derrick Rose Vs Kyrie Irving 2017/2018

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What Experts Are Saying About Derrick Rose Vs Kyrie Irving 2017/2018

Derrick Rose Vs Kyrie Irving

In the past most of us hear Derrick Rose Vs

Kyrie Irving

names and think what a great match up.

But now with them being on the same team.

who will dominant the point guard


Who do you think will start the game or who

will finish it?

I believe they should play on the floor


These are questions to ask the real experts of

the sport.

Derrick Rose or D-Rose

I know and you know in the early stages of D

Rose career he was a magnificent scorer in

the paint.

He could go left go right at full speed also

change directions.

His floater wasnt to bad either.

The outside Shooting he could work on a little

more but he could knock it down in the heat of

the moment.

But in his 8 season of NBA basketball he has

never won a title.

Rose has been in 5 different playoffs and still

hasn’t been to the NBA finales.

With 3 All-Stars appearances from Rose in his


He’s also been the seasons MVP in the NBA

one time when he played with Chicago.

Also Rose was awarded rookie of the year

back in 2009.

In the regular season rose scored 19.5 points

per game.

When it became playoff time he would put up

23.7 thats a 4.7 differences in numbers.

Derrick Rose vs Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving or Uncle Drew

When it comes to the best dribble drive player

and scorer in the league he’s in the Top 5.

At 25 he has been to the NBA playoffs 3 times

in just 6 years of play.

He’s Won a NBA title with the help of some

guy nicknamed the King [ LeBron James].

In his rookie season he was awarded rookie of

the year.

The regular season games Kyrie put up 21.6

points per game.

Now when it became playoffs Kyrie would put

up 23.9 a night to contribute to the score.

If you and I had to agree on anything bad

about Kyrie im sure it would be his lack of


With only about 4.7 a game he is still

amazing to watch in action.

I believe he is one of the great players in this

league today.

Derrick Rose Vs Kyrie Irving


The bottom line I think is that whether these

two play together.

Or defend one another it will always be

similarity in play.

The fight is there for both players Rose is

looking for his first ring.

Kyrie is looking to be his own brand while they

both have the greatest player of all time by

there side.

Next year season should be interesting for

you and I.


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