Cricket is Growing In Popularity in the States (And Video Games are Helping)

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May 19, 2017

Cricket is Growing In Popularity in the States (And Video Games are Helping)

Slowly but surely, cricket continues to pick up steam as an international sport. While the game has incredibly popular in the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and parts of Asia for a long time, it’s never quite been able to break through in the United States. But as it’s kept growing in popularity across the globe, it’s also started gaining ground in America. This is largely thanks to the efforts of some dedicated players, and the rising influence of video games to introduce people to this classic game.

The sport is steadily building a stronger presence in America due to the efforts of passionate people that want to shared their love of the game with others. Cricket has even come as far as the state of Georgia. Enterprising immigrants have brought the sport with them and have even gone so far as to build their own cricket fields for the new, regional leagues sprouting up all over the country.

Beyond these grassroots endeavors, another way cricket continues to make headway is through the influence of video games. Popular games have long helped people better understand the rules of specific sports while also introducing them to the biggest stars. If you need evidence, just look at what EA’s FIFA franchise has done for soccer in America. Now, EA Sports is trying to do the same thing with cricket. The series was initially developed in 1996, but was discontinued after ten years. Fortunately, it’s set to make a big comeback, and should be better than ever before. This time the focus will be on getting the rights to real professional players from the ICC and the BCCI. It may be unlikely to that it will ever reach the level of popularity of a massive franchise like FIFA, cricket still has a large market of fans (especially in India) looking to play the game on their consoles and PCs.

Big publishers like EA aren’t alone in looking to take advantage of cricket’s popularity in video games, because online casino game developers are getting in on the action, too. Their accessible casino games are among the most popular 3D slot reels available on the internet and you don’t have to look hard to find a cricket-themed game looking to cash in on the sport’s growing popularity. These titles use themes ranging from popular sports to hit TV shows and movies in order to appeal to a wide variety of players.
Sometimes, especially for Americans, it can be easy to forget that cricket is actually the world’s second most popular sport after soccer. Like soccer, it’s only a matter of time until it finally gains a foothold in the United States. With dedicated local fans and major companies pushing video games, Americans might not have to wait that long before they see a dedicated cricket league in their own backyard.

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