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May 16, 2017
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Best Movies Out 2017 View Now One Stop Shop

Best Movies Out

So everyone’s been talking about this years movies great line up well if you want to know you’ve came to the right place. I mean there are some good movies to go see if you love to watch any type of film. There is action,horror,sci-fi,and the big one with aliens involved with guardian of the galaxy 2 coming out recently. Here are the best movies out in the month of may.

Best movies out in May

  1. Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2

    The first guardians of the galaxy was a huge hit one of the best blockbuster movies in quite some time I would say. If they can make one great movie why not come back with a sequel even better. With all the same characters. The green woman,the tree,the angry guy and of course the cute Rocket and Chris Pratt.

    Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 opens May 5 2017. Sci-Fi

2.          Burden

Burden is a movie about Chris Burden who was a daredevil. Who would do many crazy  things that normal people wouldn’t dare to even imagine. One time he actual nailed his self to his Volkswagen beetle like Christ, he also stayed in a school locker for five days in 1971 for his master’s thesis. Chris has also been shoot in the arm by a rifle from just a few feet away. These are just a couple of things Burden has done in his lifetime.

Burden opens May 5 2017. NR

3.            King Arthur Legend of the Sword

King Arthur father was murdered and his father’s brother Vortigern takes over the crown. Robbed of his crown and kingdom without getting a chance to be the rightful king he was born to be. Arthur had a hard upbringing growing up in alleys of the city. No matter what he wants or doesn’t want to Arthur has a  true destiny he has to fulfill. So once he pulls the sword from the stone he is forced to do just that.

King Arthur Legend of the Sword opens May 12 2017 PG-13

Best Movies Out Still More


When Emily boyfriend breaks up with her she goes to her super cautions mother for help. Emily goes to her mother Linda to pursue a vacation of paradise to South America. With the two of them being totally different they know that the only way to get out of the horrible jungle journey is to work together to survive. Hilarious, exciting, jaw dropping film about a Mom and Daughter adventure gone wrong so they have to pull it together on their own.

SNATCHED opens May 12 2017. R


When two people are ready for their big day they rent out an island to celebrity their special moment together. They bring along family,but little do they know that their wedding day falls on the same day as a 100 year curse with 7 witches and their coven ready to take revenge. Everyone has to fight and defend there self’s to stay alive a day longer against the powerful coven of witches.

Wit7ches opens May 12 2017

Five More Best Movies Out

6. Alien Covenant

On the first large-scale colonizing mission to another planet a group of couples seek out to find another world to live. They are on a remote plant far from earth. No birds no animals just absolutely nothing in plan site. The planet set to be the next living place for humanity is actually the home of some other species. Survivors sole of the Prometheus event with David inhabitant the planet.

Alien Covenant opens May 19 2017. R

7. Everything Everthing

When the boy next door is the reason you are risking your life does anything even matter to Maddy anymore. She wants to be with him but she has a immunodeficiency a very rare disease that causes her to have an allergic reaction to anything outside the house. Maddy a 17-year-old teen who has been in her house and only seen her mom and nurse Carla for the past 17 years of her life. Carla chooses love over life in the romance film of how far a person will go for love.

Everything Everything opens May 19 2017. PG-13

Final 3 Best Movies Out

8. Baywatch

Baywatch an all time great TV show in the 90s has now been brought to the big screen. With the (Rock) playing as the head honcho who runs the Baywatch team. Until a new lifeguard joins the team played by (Zack Efron) who tries stealing show. Even though the Bay is just another beach in any place its seems to be some funny business going on near the beach. So the two life guards have to put their differences a side to get the bottom of everything.

Baywatch May 25 2017. R


On the trip of a life time for Photographer Clare to Berlin. She is all alone, but meets a nice guy so she pursues him further. A night of fun mixed with romance and passion has a major turning point when Clare finds herself locked in the mans apartment. Alone in Berlin with no one to call for help. She has to find a way to get out of the house. But the man has no intentions of every letting her out again. Love Romance Passion and Trapped in without freewill.



10. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tells

This has been one of the best movies out in the past 10 years the collection of all the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Jack Sparrow finds his self in one of the most difficult task of all time. He has to go on a voyage to obtain the Trident of Poseidon a powerful old artifact that when in the hands of whom every they have control of sea. When a deadly ghost pirate comes for Sparrow the only way to stop him is to have that  Poseidon. He is out for revenge on Sparrow led by Jacks long time nemesis. The final Adventure for the famous Jack Sparrow will he overcome it once again.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mean Tell No Tells opens May 26 2107. PG-13

 Alright every one this concludes the list of great movies airing the Month of May. I think we pick some great films together that we can all in joy all month. Please let me know what you think of the selection and information write in the comment box down below or subscribe to read more about the best movies out in 2017. Click here to view more great topics.


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